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Mr. Gaston

Founder, Chief Counsel


T. 619 800 6500

Frederick W. Gaston’s passion for the law is a family tradition. Frederick is a third generation attorney, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He moved to San Diego from Alabama after serving his Country in the U.S. Navy as a Chinese linguist. After graduating from Chaminad University in Hawaii with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics, Frederick went on to study at Qingdao Haiyang University in Qingdao, China. Subsequently Frederick attended the University of San Diego Law School. Shortly thereafter he opened Gaston & Gaston, APLC. Frederick was drawn to the law surrounding third party assisted reproduction after being contacted by an international couple that had issues with a surrogacy arrangement in California. After assisting the Intended Parents through one of the most difficult times of their lives, Frederick was certain he could utilize the experience he gained in resolving civil and business disputes to help future Intended Parents and Surrogate Couples enjoy a positive experience. Since devoting a large part of his practice to international fertility law, Frederick has prided himself on bringing a new level of professionalism to the industry. Frederick has assisted hundreds of Intended Parents over the years. He finds great joy in helping people who may not otherwise be able to have children complete their families. His background in mediation and civil negotiation gives Frederick and the Gaston & Gaston team the unique ability to anticipate issues long before they occur, thus making for an all-around more pleasant and successful surrogacy arrangement. Frederick W. Gaston對法律的 熱忱源于家庭傳統。Frederick緊隨其父 親及祖父的足跡,是家中的第三代律師。 他在美國 海軍作為中國語言學家效忠國家之後,從阿拉巴馬搬到了聖地亞哥。在夏威夷查米納德大學經濟學學士畢業之後,Frederick繼續在中 國青島的青島海洋大學攻讀。之後Frederick在聖地亞 哥大學法學院就讀,之後不久即成立了 Gaston & Gaston, APLC律師事務 所。 Frederick 通過一對 外國夫婦與其聯絡有關在加州的一些輔助生殖方面的問題之後開始被吸引到有關第三方輔助生殖的法律之中。在協助了准父母度 過他們人生中最爲困難的時期之後, Frederick觉得,他 可以利用他所取得的民事及商業糾紛經驗來幫助今後的准父母和代孕夫婦享受一個美好的經歷。 由於投入 了大部分的精力從事國際生殖法業務, Frederick 驕傲地爲 業内帶來全新專業水準。Frederick已經在多 年中協助過數百名准父母。他在為那些不能以其他方法要孩子來讓家庭完整的人提供幫助中找到了極大樂趣。他的調解和民事協 商背景讓Frederick 和Gaston & Gaston團隊有獨 特的能力在發生之前很久即可預測到問題,所以可以製作一份全面的更讓人喜悅和成功的代孕安排。 Request a confidential consultation today!

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Dr. Kramer

Founder, CEO


T. 619 800 6505

Prior to Omega Family Global formation, Dr. Kramer, spent 18 years building companies and meeting client demands. His experience in international work, background in serving clients needs, combined with graduate education in reproductive biology, compliment the legal expertise of Mr. Gaston. Dr. Kramer holds both a Masters and Doctorate degree in reproductive biology. His Master’s thesis focused on ovarian function and follicular development. His Doctorate dissertation focused on maternal recognition of pregnancy, and was conducted under the tutelage of a National Academy of Sciences member. While in academia, Dr. Kramer published a number of peer-reviewed papers on topics of reproductive biology. He has also co-authored three book chapters on maternal recognition of pregnancy and presented at both national and international conferences on reproductive biology. He also was on faculty at Harvard Medical School and holds a Masters of Business Administration. Today, Dr. Kramer directs and manages all aspects of intended parents use of fertility services, medical information, and general management of Omega Family Global. Request a confidential consultation today!

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Tracy Armato

Surrogate Liaison Coordinator

My passion for surrogacy started as a teenager. We had a family friend who was a surrogate for another family friend. It was then that the concept of carrying a child for another couple was introduced to me and I just knew when the time was right for me, this was something I wanted to be part of. I have been in the Third Party Reproductive Industry for over 12 years. My love of surrogacy and egg donation began many years ago when I was a surrogate myself. My own surrogacy experiences have been with both domestic and international couples. Each of my surrogacy experiences where different from one another, yet each brought me the fulfilment of enriching lives. Prior to joining the team at Omega Family Global, I had built my experience and knowledge working with other agencies. I found what was lacking from the other agencies was the personal connection between agency, intended parents and the surrogate. With Omega Family Global I have been able to share my experiences to develop an agency that focusses on people, professionalism and quality services. My professional background in surrogacy has allowed me to develop working relationships with IVF Centers throughout California, other parts of the U.S. and worldwide. I have managed thousands of successful surrogacy cases from match to birth. My commitment to surrogacy is unsurpassed since it is my passion.
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Daisy Castro

Medical Coordinator

My name is Daisy Castro and I am the Surrogate Liaison and Medical Coordinator for Omega Family Global. I have had the honor of being a Surrogate Mother to two beautiful boys and I am still in contact with these two families. I was also an egg donor to help another couple have a new family. These experiences are something I will be proud of for the rest of my life. I feel those unique and individual personal experiences give me the compassion, understanding and patience to guide new Surrogate Mothers and Intended Parents through the process. I have worked in another surrogacy agency for five years prior to joining the Omega Family Global (OFG) team. I love working for OFG, because we are, and continuously strive to be, different from any other agency. We provide ongoing support to each and every one of our Surrogate Mothers. We are there to guide you through the process and want to make sure your journey is amazing. Our staff will do our absolute best to make sure you walk away from this experience truly knowing the joy and change you were apart of. I love sharing my knowledge and educating new Surrogates on what the process consists of and what the commitment timeline is. Becoming a Surrogate is a wonderful life choice, but making sure you have all the information to make an informed decision is what is most important to me.
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Jennifer Wallbaum

Financial Manager

Jennifer grew up in Southern California and graduated from San Diego State University with a BS degree in Nutritional Science and Bio Chemistry. She has studied advanced training in business management and accounting. Her past employment includes over 8 years as upper management with some of the largest US retailers. Her operational skills and financial know how help make Omega Family Global a tightly run business. She is currently our Financial Manager but also acts as a liaison with our partnered legal team to assure our regulations and compliance factors are top notch.
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Angela Larson

Surrogate Liaison

Angela developed an early interest in helping people. At age 21 she went to school and obtained a degree as a Medical Assistant. Since then has gained 25 years of working experience with numerous physicians and hospitals. Her love is for children’s, having raised 3 of her own, has always had passion for working with her obstetrics patients and parents. Angela has had the pleasure of working for several OB/GYN physicians in Las Vegas as their assistant. She has created special bonds with several of her patients and even had the honor of being invited to the birth of many patients she cared for. “While I personally have not had fertility issues or been a surrogate, I deeply understand the struggles of Intended Parents.” I have learned more and more about surrogacy, and the more I learn the stronger my passion grows, and now here I am!" As a member of the Omega Family Global team Angela is excited to share in the process of helping our IP and GS clients. She brings the, education, care, attention to detail, and compassion necessary to guide surrogates and Intended Parents through the complexities. She is dedicated to giving Intended Parents and surrogates an open line of communication with a 24/7 contact policy. When not working, she enjoys photography, hiking, crafting, cooking and being a Foodie. When time allows, she loves to volunteer with her favorite charity; Olive Crest- an organization for foster kids and their families. She spends time at local shelters serving food to the homeless and helps at several food banks. Favorite also pastimes include organizing drives for the underprivileged; many times using her garage for storage of coats, clothes and food supplies.
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Claire Lam

Case Manager and Chinese Translator and Interpreter

Claire Lam is a native Chinese from Hong Kong. She is fluently trilingual in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. Claire started off working in the surrogacy industry as a translator. She worked alongside with client relation and case management team to help parents to purse their dreams of having a complete family. The cases she translated prepared her as a successful case manager. She soon became a case manager and able accumulated years of experience of assisting parents from different countries, culture, and background. She is a graduate from University of California, San Diego. Apart from her past surrogacy agency experience, she worked at CVS Pharmacy before joining Omega Family Global. That opportunity trained her as a responsible, meticulous and organized professional. She is hoping to utilize these outstanding qualities to contribute in the lives of others.
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Carrie Shao / (邵琰)

Case Manager and Chinese Translator and Interpreter

Carrie Shao, originally from China, moved to San Diego in 2013 to start a family in Southern California. Before moving from China, Carrie dedicated most of her professional time in the Building Solution Systems Industry developing and managing key client relationships in Easter China for international recognized companies. It is her strong inclination to develop deep relationships to a personal level and a natural passion for detail that made her to decide focus her career towards child development and parenting, Carrie studied Child development at San Diego Community College. A natural listener, Carrie carefully assesses every intendent parent situation as a unique case, understanding that every person has personal and particular challenges. Her strong and constant support are key information for intendent parents to understand the surrogacy process. Her deep knowledge of Chinese culture with a broad understanding of children and families make her the desired point of contact in helping parents to make the right choices throughout the process; from IVF to delivery and a happy back home. Carrie finds joy and fulfillment spending this special and wonderful time with Intended Parents.
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Ann Wang

Coordinator and Chinese Translator and Interpreter

After working for SmithKline Beecham pharmaceutical for over ten years, Ann began working as a medical concierge and has continued to do so for over ten years. Ann now combines her vast experience with helping intended parents through the surrogacy process and to grow their families. "Family is very important to me, and having a career that helps others to build their family is a perfect fit for me." Ann Wang.
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Laura Farfan

Surrogate Coordinator and Spanish Translator and Interpreter


T. +1(619) 822-2152

Laura is originally from Argentina. She moved to the U.S. in 2000 and has completed a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a master’s degree in Spanish Linguistics, Translation and Interpretation from San Diego State University. She has been working with Mr. Fredrick Gaston and his law firm translating legal documents and interpreting for the last eight years out of which the last five years have been related to surrogacy. She is passionate about helping families achieve their dream and very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of this process.
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