being a surrogate | Omega Family Global

You can help build a family while earn up to $55,000!

Why should you become a gestational surrogate?

You can earn up to $55,000 as a gestational surrogate with Omega Family Global!

You can earn a $250 bonus for your expedited surrogate application!*

You’ll help build a family by giving their child the gift of life!

You’ll have a job which allows you to spend more time with your own children!

You’ll make a positive difference in your life, your family’s life and the life of the intended parents!

You’ll set a wonderful example for your own children!

You’ll experience the amazing emotional rewards that only surrogacy can give you.

You’ll have the full professional and legal support of the expert team at Omega Family global.

To become a surrogate now, just click here to send us a text to (619) 450-6696.

How does surrogacy work?

We’ll be by your side to help you throughout the rewarding surrogacy process. Here’s how it works:

Apply to become a surrogate by texting us at (619) 450-6696.

We’ll help you select the intended parents that are the best match for you.

You’ll have a simple medical procedure to get pregnant with the intended parents’ baby.

You’ll give birth to the intended parents’ baby and collect your $55,000 and the intended parents will enjoy their new baby!

To become a surrogate now, just click here to send us a text to (619) 450-6696.

How do I qualify to become a surrogate?

Becoming a surrogate with Omega Family Global means you will need to meet our requirements. Here are 5 of the requirements:

Between the ages of 18 and 38

No history of substance abuse or recent smoking

Be psychologically and physically healthy

No current use of psychoactive drugs such as anti-depressants

Access to reliable transportation

Have had previous uncomplicated pregnancies

Be a US citizen or permanent resident

To become a surrogate now, just click here to send us a text to (619) 450-6696.

How do I become a surrogate?

Thanks to our quick and easy application process, you can become a surrogate in as little as 10 business days! If you meed the surrogate qualifications, simply send us a text to (619) 450-6696.

*If you are approved and you provide us all required paperwork within 2 weeks of applying, you’ll be eligible to receive this bonus. (Please note that this bonus provided as an advanced and will be deducted from your base surrogate compensation)